Why Choose Tank Safe Solutions?

HSENI Appointed

The Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI), as the competent Authority, appoints Tanksafe Solutions Ltd. to carry out work on tanks used in the carriage of dangerous goods by road, under the scope of appointment as referred to UKAS Schedule 6556.

Use of Dry Air or Nitrogen as the test fluid!

Tanksafe Solutions are the only UKAS Accredited Inspection Body in Northern Ireland, that under special cases, can test hydraulic Class3 up to 0.5bar tanks using dry air or nitrogen as the test fluid.

WHY NOT WATER? Would you really want water in tanker or fuel. With today's fuels water can be a big problem and this is why Tanksafe Solutions have got accredited by UKAS for using Dry air or nitrogen as the test fluid for hydraulic testing. Air testing eliminates the risk of cross contamination and bio-fuel fungal growth; its safer, greener, cheaper, and quicker etc., these are some of the main reason we use this method.

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Health & Safety Requirements & Regulations

We are:

• UKAS Accredited
United Kingdom Accreditation Service

• VCA Appointed
VCA Dangerous Goods Office

• HSENI Appointed
Health & Safety Executive Northern Ireland

• IPIA Approved
Irish Petroleum Industry Association

• AATTIB Board Member
Association of Accredited Tank Testing Inspection Bodies

Tank Safe Solutions
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